Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Recipie for a Sane Move

I've been absent for a LONG time in the blogosphere; between broken computers, getting the co-op up and running, and helping a friend get ready to move cross-country, it's been a crazy month.

Last night I went over for the girls to say their goodbyes, and I will TRY to get over today to do the same, although my day is full and I tend to say my goodbyes better AFTER the fact with a heart felt letter instead of in person at a time of just raw emotion.

Moving does not bring out the best of me; I'm not sure it brings out the best of ANYONE, but definitely not me. Part of the problem is that while I love my friend dearly, she has had so much going on in her life that organization for the move has been chaotic at best. (It was last time, too, and that was only local).

Rather than rant and rave to vent my own frustrations, I'm taking the high road and just adding it to another reason for my family never to move anywhere.

My recipe today for the sanest move possible?

If at possible, DON'T. If that's not an option, than call a mover. Any price is worth it....I'd give up half the profit from selling a house to not have to do all this by myself.

That being said, I know my friend has made the choices for her family according to her priorities, which are different than mine in this one. I ask for prayers for her and her children as she heads out today for a 3,000 mile move.


Angela said...

I know it has been hard for all of you, but now that chapter is closed (and hopefully you aren't stuck holding the keys to all that's left! ) I do wonder if the chaos at least helped avoid painful goodbyes. Hugs all around!

bernard n. shull said...
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