Saturday, August 02, 2008

The dawn has finally come!

As dawn breaks, my Authoress daughter is finally going to bed after finishing
Breaking Dawn. Last night we headed to the mall around 9:00 for a pre-release party, and I was amazed at how instant friendships are formed over book series. The minute she walked in she bonded with one other excited fan, and before the night was out she had been hanging out with another girl who I suspect will be an email buddy.

I went back and forth into the store, spending some of my time on a bench in the mall with a couple other parents and the security guards. They were amazed at how the crowd would yell out a trivia answer before the question was even totally out of the bookstore director's mouth! My daughter ended up being the "model" for her group when they had to make Bella's wedding dress out of toilet paper. Her group was chosen the winner by our security guard/judges, and once I get pictures back I'll really was an amazing dress considering it was toilet paper! I tried to convince her that the duct tape prom dress scholarship was really something worth looking into, but somehow that's money I don't think we'll ever be in the running for! :O)

Several hours later we took our place in line, and by 12:40 she had book in hand. Once home, I went to bed and wished her a fun night....I thought it only fitting that she would be just finishing the book as dawn was breaking. Now I guess the countdown begins for the movie release of "Twilight" come December!

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Angela said...

Oh that does sound funny! I so wish Reagan would have been in town to go along. We really should steal some of those ideas for a movie release party!