Saturday, September 13, 2008

My summer in the desert

I didn't REALLY spend my summer in the desert; however, that's what I've come to call the dry spells in my writing throughout my lifetime. Sometimes it is truly a case of writer's block, where just sitting at the keyboard brings empty pages and frustration. THIS summer it was the result of just being BUSY. With a major project to help plan and implement, I found I had little time left over for the blogworld. Whatever creativity I seemed to find was poured into writing new curriculum for the classes I teach this year. All in all, the summer passed by so quickly, and I now yearn for the quiet times with my blog and those that I used to read on a regular basis.

I was reflecting this week -- now that my planning time has settled down -- on how God has used my "desert" times for all kinds of growth in my life. Whether it be my writing, or my quest for better health, or my spiritual growth, my desert times have always felt dry and barren. Don't get me wrong; this summer was extremely productive and I'm thrilled with the result. However, in looking back at the past few months, I feel that the time was definitely less creative on a personal level. On the same note, my prayer life suffered, my diet and exercise regime fell back into stress eating patterns of long ago, and generally I felt like the little gerbil on the wheel.

Finally, I feel that the oasis is ahead, and that refreshing springs are within reach again. My desire to write, and to visit my favorite blogs (and find some new ones!) is growing, and I feel that I may actually have time to DO so! Most of all, I feel a new and deeper connection with my God, which always seems to be the case after a desert time. I really believe that God calls me to the desert....if only to experience the barrenness, and therefore turn to my faith to sustain me, so that I can better appreciate the lushness of newly found faith on a deeper level at the other end.

I also recognize that summer has ALWAYS been my least favorite season, and fall my favorite. I'm sure that the cooler nights and the crisp mornings has a lot to do with my attitude as well! With the first day of autumn just a week or so away, I'm looking forward to the year ahead. I hope to get back into the structure for my blog that I found just before the dry spell hit. For now, it just feels good to sit at the keyboard and feel the keys tapping below again!

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Angela said...

What a wonderful analogy! It is so good to be out of the desert, and I am glad that you are experiencing a much deserved fullness! Creativity is so important , and it is awful when we are too busy to embrace it!