Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teachable Tuesdays -- Let the Lesson Planning Begin!

Now that my show is over (new photo is from my role of Carmen Bernstein in the show "Curtains"), I'm hoping to get back into a bit of blogging. Seems that last year the co-op just took all of my free time, but I think I can discipline myself to sit down at least a few times a week.

Yesterday I took almost an entire day off, but last night the urge hit to pull out the books for the coming year and begin again. Since we actually start our homeschool year later this month, I thought it best to do some prelimary work! Summer weeks are pretty light--especially since the girls take a lot of their core classes at the co-op. I sketched out the first month of math, spanish, world cultures, and chemistry. That plus drama camp in August is all they need until the year begins in earnest in September.

This morning I searched the web for various study guides and class activities for my theaer arts class....we'll be starting with Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, and I found lots of great resources. Will spend some time today typing up some specific weekly activities. I'm looking forward to teaching this class so much!

I also just got the scripts and music for the Music Theater class for next year; we'll be doing a 50's show, and the material looks pretty decent. Now I have something to do in the coming few weeks of free time!

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