Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogging - Take 21....action!

There was a time when I was a pretty regular blogger....and then a co-op was born, and my time just seems to be so limited. At the same time, my partner -- the director of the co-op -- still manages to post somewhat regularly, and so I'm back to try this one more time. Even if I'll have about 5 followers at this point!

Wednesdays is supposed to be "What's Cookin' Wednesdays", but I don't have much of a fancy recipie for the day. I've been pulling out the slow cooker more now that fall has arrived, and find that a pot roast or pork roast feeds the family for several days, so I'll be using it more and more....besides, the house smells so good ALL DAY when you use a slow cooker! This week's meal was as simple as it gets: throw a boneless rolled pork shoulder roast into the slow cooker (take netting off first!), and smother with a small applesauce container (about 1/2 cup). That's it. Nine to ten hours later, dinner is ready....okay, you'll have to make the other items on your own, but we use this meal at least once every few weeks. The leftovers are then great for sandwiches and stirfrys!

Letting the girls sleep in as I usually do on Wednesdays; we've been finding that afternoon school is working pretty well, and I love having time in the mornings to get things done around the house or for administrative/teaching responsibilities for the co-op. Today I expect that they'll sleep in a bit later than normal as The Authoress had two friends over last night, and they left pretty late. I love my daughter's friends -- all of my students/alumni, actually. They are such incredible young people, with some wonderful ideas and even better questions about life. I love the fact that, as teenagers, they are already comfortable talking with adults about things that matter (and many things that don't!). Some of them have become like adopted children at this point, and I am grateful that my home -- cluttered, dusty, and cramped as it it -- is still considered a haven for them. As long as the floorboards in the living room continue to hold, I'm good for entertaining teens anytime!

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