Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trusting God in those tough moments...

I found out today that a family from our parish will have a funeral tomorrow for a foster/soon-to-be-adopted baby in their family. My heart just breaks along with theirs, as I can not fathom the sorrow that losing an infant or child brings. This family has always impressed me in their willingness to serve God as foster parents to babies and young children; to give of oneself totally and completely, knowing that your love and bonding may be taken away at any time must take an incredible amount of love and faith.

To finally have a child who will truly be a part of the family, and then lose them to death, must bring a particular pain to the heart. I can only think of Mary, standing at the foot of the cross, and find some comfort in knowing that she is watching over them as well as her Son.

May their new little saint in heaven intercede for them as well, asking for a special blessing of God's peace and healing to their breaking hearts...please keep them in your prayers.


LilleMy said...

To lose a child requires strength! I' ve been throught that ones.. I was only pregnant in 3 mounths, but it was enough to feel the paint of the lose. I don' t know that family or how their lifesituation is, but I' m sure they appreciate your support!

It might be easy to forget that god is with us in those situations, but at some point we will realize again!

Fajar Indra Febriyantoro said...
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